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We welcome you to our page to share our goals, objectives, and see how you play an important part in all of our success!



4BEBO stands for, “For Black Entrepreneurs & Business Owners”. A professional and user-friendly Black Business Directory app only solves part of the Black Business Community's dilemma. That is why we started 4BEBO Group Chat. 4BEBO Group Chat is a closed group on Facebook for business owners listed in the app. This is a space for leaders, mentors, established and new business owners to share information, network, collaborate, do live streams, post upcoming events, and grow their business. The 4BEBO Group pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are other outlets we utilize for the promotion and support of Black Owned Businesses with us. The 4BEBO YouTube Channel was created for businesses listed in the app to post videos and commercials to share. To register your business, join the 4BEBO Group pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, post your videos and commercials on the 4BEBO YouTube channel is all FREE!


We are a community of powerful, motivated, creative, enthusiastic, and dynamic business owners who are Creating Our Own Pathways to Success. If you are a Black Business Owner and have a desire to become a valuable addition to our community, we invite you to download the 4BEBO app, register your business and join us today!


To be the infrastructure necessary to create and preserve generational wealth for the Black community. To provide information about educational opportunities, share knowledge through networking, mentorship and coaching initiatives, sustain and grow through identifying capital resources, and conceive new and explore existing marketing strategies to increase customer base and foster an expansive presence in the global marketplace.

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Bringing Black Entrepreneurs & Business Owners together to establish a dynamic network that functions to bring about unique opportunities for support, growth and strategic development. 4BEBO is committed to providing the highest quality business support and assisting us all to play an active and vital role in Creating Our Own Pathways to Success!

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