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I found 4BEBO very informative and resourceful to find black businesses to support. Chris and Sonya J. Grand Blanc, MI

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4BEBO is well put together.  There are a majority of individuals who would support Black businesses and services, however currently there is not a lot of clear, specific outlets.  4BEBO appears to have created that specific format while also offering the platform for other like (businesses and services) to connect and present what they offer.  I look forward to utilizing and passing this information forward. Tig'e H.S. McClodden Charlotte, NC


The app was very easy to navigate by selecting a category or by browsing the beautiful pictures.  I like that you could instantly be connected to a black owned business in different areas regardless of your location.  I will certainly be telling friends and family about it! Thomas and Kimberly P. Cleveland, OH


4BEBO is a great app.  It is very informative and it works for me.  The app is detailed and easy to find vendors that I am looking for.  I highly recommend using this site for referrals or becoming a member to highlight or showcase your own business. Sharena M. Detroit, MI


This is a very user-friendly app. It is professional looking and inviting to explore. It provides adequate information on its current members and makes it easy for me to input my company's information. I like the option to go to the website and get more information. I like the KISS method used. James N. Atlanta, GA

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